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Summer 2022:

Barn Day Camp
Mixed Gender, Ages 4 – 10
A thriving day camp for our youngest campers.
Our Barn Day campers enjoy:

  • Doing what we call “real big things” where we use saws and hammers, milk goats, go on overnight hiking trips and enjoy adventures.
  • Participating in games, gardening, exploration and so much more as they spend as much time as possible outdoors.
  • Zany fun to stoke creativity and connection in our campers is always encouraged.

Female & Gender Non-Binary, Ages 9 – 14
A camp for outdoor exploration, developing lasting friendships and sparking a deeper self-awareness and resolve.
Our IB campers enjoy:

  • Pushing past expectations as they learn to chop down a tree, swim laps around the entire lake or rock climb up a chimney!
  • Moments connecting with nature and each other through caring for farm animals, harvesting food, repairing bridges and building new structures, stargazing and intentional conversations in the woods.
  • Making “someday” become today! Whether needle felting a bunny patch out of soft rabbit fur or getting covered head to toe in mud, our campers find it liberating trying new things just for the fun of it.

Male & Gender Non-Binary, Ages 9 – 14
A camp for exploring the wilderness, creating deeper connections with one another and pushing through physical boundaries
Our Timberlake campers enjoy:

  • Building bonfires taller than themselves, all while forging friendships with honesty and sincerity.
  • Learning how to become better listeners, teammates and innovators as they help design and lead new programs or events for small groups up to the entire camp.
  • Group bonding through hiking and construction projects, self-reflection through silent meetings and creating art installations.

Red Spruce Grove
Female & Gender Non-Binary, Ages 11 – 14
An off-grid camp to explore the wonders of nature, living close to the land.
Our Red Spruce campers enjoy:

  • Learning how to build and use materials in their natural environment for creating their wilderness home.
  • Leaving behind the obsession with time as they leave behind their watches and gadgets and let the day unfold at it’s own pace.
  • Getting to know every single member of the community well and learning more about themselves through a 24 hour solo trip, exploring their backcountry skills, fostering their independence, resilience and reflection.

Flying Cloud
Male & Gender Non-Binary, Ages 11 – 14
An off-grid camp to explore the wonders of nature, living close to the land.
Our Flying Cloud campers enjoy:

  • Practicing millennia old skills such as; inviting fire from friction, hide tanning, plant identification, pumping water for the community and cooking over an open fire.
  • Getting a break from schedules and rigid timetables allowing the day to unfold at their own pace, living simply without watches or electricity.
  • Having the space to form deep friendships through shared experiences as they live in the woods, playing wacky games, sharing community jokes, all while caring and lifting each other up.

Saltash Mountain
Mixed Gender, Ages 11 – 14
A wilderness camp to explore nature and learn backcountry skills through fun adventures.
Our Saltash Mountain campers enjoy:

  • Thriving in a community where personal identity and self-expression shine, free from judgement in a creative and theatrical way.
  • Learning backpacking skills, carrying everything they need on their back or in a canoe, pushing themselves with the support of their new found friends.

Tamarack Farm
Mixed Gender, Ages 15 – 17
Our teenagers share responsibilities, assume leadership roles and grow working the farm.
Our Tamarack teens enjoy:

  • Committing to a challenging capstone project guided by specialist instructors in carpentry, environmental sustainability, arts or agriculture. Each area includes guidance on project planning, design as well as team and independent work.
  • Preparing for work and college, learning skills for living and working together through active practice with communication systems and training in diversity and equity skills.
  • Getting a break from academia and their usual social circles by living in the woods of Vermont and contributing to an intentional community.

Mixed Gender, Ages 15 – 17
Extended wilderness trips with options for full or half summer sessions.
Our Questers enjoy:

  • A welcome and healthy break from technology for weeks or months while learning how to turn to their friends for knowledge, support and entertainment.
  • Knowing that the core backpacking skills they’ll practice daily become ingrained skills.
  • Being part of the Farm & Wilderness family of programs and values, and expressing this with each other, whether on the trail or as future staff at camp.
Farm & Wilderness Camps